Three Facts That Show Why Cremation Is So Popular

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With growing populations and shrinking land availability, cremation may very well become the main type of funeral arrangement in the US at some point in the future. If you're of the opinion that cremation sounds less attractive to in-ground burial, here are three facts that will help you understand why so many people are choosing cremation today.

1. More and more people have to travel long distances to funerals

If you opt for embalming and burial, you have about a week (ten days at the outside) to get everything arranged, recall all the important relatives from various corners of the globe, and find a time when the funeral home has a room free for a viewing and a time when your ceremonial presider of choice can be present for the funeral service itself. These arrangements, as you can imagine, put lots of strain on the grieving family. Having a direct cremation, which allows you to schedule the funeral service at pretty much any time between now and when you scatter the ashes, can vastly simplify the arrangements when you have an especially enthusiastically globe-trotting family.

2. Cremation can be more friendly for the environment than traditional arrangements

Although you may wonder how a traditional burial, which involves placing the remains underground and allowing them to become one with the Earth, are not so environmentally friendly. Today's usual burial practices are actually a lot more complicated than that. They generally include embalming (which puts chemicals into the ground along with the remains), grave liners, fancy caskets, and often synthetic clothing, all of which are frequently made of not only non-biodegradable materials but also non-renewable resources. Cremation bypasses these complications, and even if you choose to be buried in a plot after cremation, the plot of ground required is much smaller.

3. Cremation can be more budget-friendly than traditional burial

In addition to requiring fewer appurtenances, cremation can actually help save a lot on your budget as well. Of course, that's in part because you don't have to pay for grave liner installation, burial plots, steel caskets, embalming, and the like. A direct cremation, in which your remains are cremated without a viewing first, is the most budget-friendly option because that way you don't have to pay the funeral home for a rental casket, the use of the viewing room, and so on. Most families opt for a viewing, but even so, you can end up saving thousands of dollars.

After reading these facts, you may not be convinced that cremation is for you, but hopefully you'll have more sympathy for those who do choose it. And when it comes time to pre-plan your own funeral, you can consider cremation as an eco-friendly, budget-friendly possibility.


27 September 2016

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