Has Your Teen's Anxiety Become A Disorder?

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Although anxiety is usually considered part of the teenage experience, there is a point at which it can become something more serious. When that happens, it is important that parents intervene and take action. If you believe that your teenager might have an anxiety disorder, this is what you need to know. 

When Does Anxiety Become a Disorder?

Anxiety is normal of people of all ages, but during the teen years, it can sometimes prove to be overwhelming. In most cases, teens are able to overcome their anxiety and keep moving forward with their lives. Unfortunately, in some instances, the anxiety becomes a cause for concern.  

As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint whether or not it is time to seek help, but there are some signs you should be looking for. For instance, if your teen seems to have constant anxiety and seems to avoid certain situations or activities because of it, medical intervention might be needed.  

You should also be concerned if your teen is unable to go to school or work. Anxiety can sometimes cause your teen to be so worried about underperforming that he or she is emotionally and mentally paralyzed.  

In addition to these signs, if your teen is suddenly withdrawing from family and friends, help should be sought. Anxiety can make it difficult to socialize and maintain relationships with others.  

What Can You Do?

Since anxiety typically impacts your teen's emotional and mental well-being, you should seek counseling for him or her. A licensed therapist can help your teen identify the source of his or her anxiety and teach your teen techniques for dealing with stressful situations.  

If necessary, the therapist can determine if prescription medicine or inpatient treatment is needed to help your teen overcome his or her anxiety disorder.  

At home, it is important that you focus on having calm interactions with your teen. Anxiety often triggers a panicked response to stressful situations. If you and your teen are having an argument or he or she feels that the situation is too stressful, your teen could experience a breakdown or outburst.  

You can also help your teen focus on activities that help to alleviate stress. For instance, you and your teen can take up yoga or meditation. By participating in the activity with him or her, you are not only showing support for your teen but also helping to ensure that he or she is engaging in activities that can help him or her in the long run. 

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15 September 2016

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