Is Open Or Closed Adoption Right For You?

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Choosing to place your baby for adoption can be a difficult choice, and the options you have available can help you to feel better about the decision you've made. As you begin to research different adoption agencies, you will want to decide if you want an open or closed adoption. Use this guide to help you find the option that is right for you and your child.

Open Adoption

If you want to be a part of your child's life even if you aren't acting as the parent, an open adoption might be the right option for you. In some cases, you maybe able to choose the adoptive parents, giving you a feeling of being in control of who raises the baby. The adoptive parents may also let you take on a role in the child's life. This can give you peace of mind that your child is being well cared for, and you get the benefit of seeing him or her regularly. In addition, the child may be able to better understand the reasons for the adoption and feel more comfortable with the idea of being adopted.

Mediated Adoption

Mediated adoption, otherwise known as semi-closed adoption, is a step between open and closed adoption. You can share information with the adoptive parents while choosing whether or not you wish to maintain your privacy. Giving the parents the ability to contact you as needed can be a benefit of this type of adoption, particularly if medical concerns arise for the child. You'll be able to provide any updated information about your health history as years go by, which can help the birth parents to make informed medical decisions for the child. You may also choose to give permission for the child to contact you at any point in the future, even if you prefer not to take an active role in his or her life. In mediated adoptions, the birth mother may be able to meet with the adoptive family at the hospital and see the baby off safely.

Closed Adoptions

For some women, giving a baby up for adoption is painful. You may not wish to be contacted by the family or the child because you want to protect your privacy and your emotions. This is absolutely OK, and some adoptive parents may prefer closed adoptions as well. You get the opportunity for closure and the ability to move on with your life, and the adoptive parents can raise the child without having to "share" with the birth mother. If you are emotionally unstable, or you don't want the circumstances of your pregnancy to be revealed to the child, a closed adoption may be the right choice. You may want to consider giving the adoption agency permission for the child to contact you later in life, but this is a choice you can make for yourself.

Placing your baby for adoption means giving the child a stable, loving home. The type of adoption you choose should make you feel more comfortable with your choice. Be sure you understand all of the aspects of the adoption process before you sign any paperwork, and look for an adoption agency like A Child's Dream with a good reputation for successfully placing children in happy homes.


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